Friday, June 15, 2007

Handwritten Theatre Nineteen: "Leo speeds up when he sees a yard sale."

Handwritten Theatre returns with, if not a constant flow, at least a spurt of new plays. Sometimes we look for secrets, sometimes the secrets find us. And that can happen anywhere, even in a suburban drive-way.

Handwritten Theatre Nineteen: "Leo speeds up when he sees a yard sale."
Performed by Marsha Clark
Running Time: 18:48
All Audiences (But it is about grown-up behavior)

The book of photographs discovered by the character was inspired by an actual collection of snapshots uncovered at a flea market by Michel Hurst and Robert Swope who published a selection of their discoveries under the title Casa Susanna

This remarkable book is available at

In Other News:
Handwritten Theatre Live!

An evening of Handwritten Theatre was presented recently in Fremont, Nebraska by The Fremont Community Players under the direction of Will Mitchell ( and featuring Bill Bishop, Jodie Bishop, Daniel Christensen, Ed Cutler, Laura England, Teresa Giesselmann, Haley Halverson, Madeline MacDonald, Kim Mitchell, Will Mitchell, and Cheryl Warren

If your theatre company or drama department is interested in producing a program of Handwritten Theatre, send an email to the rambling campus of The Handwritten Theatre World Headquarters and Corporate Retreat Facility at:

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