Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Handwritten Theatre Three: "What's your opinion of memory?"

The third in a series of brief dramatic pieces composed by me in the great tradition of small works done in ink on paper. A sort of capricho. Which gives me enough of an opening to wedge in this quote from Goya: "Even those who have gone furthest in the matter can give few rules about the deep play of understanding that is needed, or say how it came about that they were sometimes more successful in a work executed with less care than in one on which they had spent most time."

Handwritten Theatre Three: "What's your opinion of memory?"
Performed by Donna Allen Figueroa and Tony Figueroa
Running Time: 5:55
All Audiences

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nige101uk ( said...

So it's taken me until episode three to come forward. This is great stuff and one of the highlights in my podcast subscriptions list. Memories of relationships past, and not all good ones, came flooding back. This one is definately best left to that moment in between when you decide to go to bed and when you actually get around to moving from the chair. Sweet dreams Joe.